AIKIDO “The way to harmony”

A special art of self-defense that does not aim to damage or inflict pain on the attacker, but only to deprive him of the “lust” to attack.

A different view on martial arts. AIKIKAI come together to learn from each other. To train together. Not aimed at winning but to bring body and mind in balance.

So with respect for each other. But when used properly, extremely effective for repelling or dodging an attack.

The intention is to organize meetings several times a year, on the estate CASALE TORRE DEL SASSO, where AIKIKAI from all over the world can come and train, preferably in the open air. Teachers from the farthest regions are asked to share their wisdom and skills with students who travel to Italy for this purpose.

It will be possible to train for 3-4 days on the estate or one of the AIKIDO schools in the vicinity.

CASALE TORRE DEL SASSO has spacious apartments and a beautiful campsite to accommodate its guests and trainees.

Rob & Carola will spoil the inner man with local dishes, delicious breakfasts and extensive lunches.