About Cagli

In the north of Le Marche rises Cagli, a fascinating hamlet in the heart of the Apennines, but 50 km from the sea and with a combination of history and nature.
It offers a slow lifestyle but also many sporting activities for the most intrepid such as hiking or skiing, as well as kite land surfing and kite buggying.

Worth visiting

The location is key to Cagli, not only for its picturesque surroundings, but also because it is half an hour’s drive from beautiful Urbino in Le Marche and Gubbio in Umbria. Cagli is an off the beaten track destination that has so much to offer the lucky travelers who walk there.

Important node

It is a charming medieval hamlet strategically located on the ancient Via Flaminia and has been an important hub since the Romans. The ancient Roman village on the hill was destroyed by fire and then reconstructed on the plain That is why you will find many Roman remains here, such as the Mallio Bridge.

A picturesque setting

Today, Cagli is a quiet hamlet of about 9,000 inhabitants that will amaze you with its architectural jewels. In every alley you breathe art, tradition and history. The most important monument is the ‘Torrione’, a majestic oval fortress tower, but when exploring the historic center you will find many impressive buildings and churches.

The architectural beauty of this pretty hamlet is easily overshadowed by the striking natural beauty of the northern Marche’s most unspoilt countryside. It is surrounded by three mountains as proudly reported on the coat of arms. Mount Nerone is probably the lesser known, but it boasts incredible landscapes and untouched nature, interesting wildlife and is a paradise for sports enthusiasts, both winter and summer: skiing, hiking, paragliding and horse riding excursions.

Two rivers cross the town, providing relief from the heat for locals and tourists when summer arrives.

Culinary Cagli

Culinary, Cagli certainly has a lot to offer. Local restaurants like AL ​​PASSANTE and IL POGGIO offer great dishes according to very good prices. Restaurant LA ROCCA in Frontone still has the real traditional cuisine and meat is grilled in the large fireplace!!!

Various pizzerias, trattorias and ice cream parlors complete the whole.