About us

With hard work, good and long thinking, a lot of help from family and friends, but especially with perseverance, Rob and Carola have really been able to make their dream come true.

With a beautiful location in beautiful Le Marche, they offer guests a wonderful welcome, genuine hospitality and a luxurious stay!

About Cagli

In the north of Le Marche rises Cagli, a fascinating hamlet in the heart of the Apennines, but 50 km from the sea and with a combination of history and nature.
It offers a slow lifestyle but also many sporting activities for the most intrepid such as hiking or skiing, as well as kite land surfing and kite buggying.

About the estate

Casale Torre Del Sasso. Located on the hill of Colombo del Sasso. 14 hectares in size, with woods, fields and its own river, Fiumi Bosso. The beautiful grounds are located right next to the “bubbly” ancient city of Cagli. Wonderful restaurants within walking distance, a beautiful theater just a stone’s throw away, yet completely secluded because it is surrounded by an ancient park with beautiful stately oaks.

About the environment

Casale Torre Del Sasso is not only located along the bustling medieval town of CAGLI. In the immediate vicinity you will find waterfalls, extensive hiking areas, fantastic cycling routes and ancient sights.

About our dream

Casale Torre Del Sasso is not just a beautiful holiday destination.

Rob and Carola have based their company on 4 pillars, each with a separate target group and their own character.